We are an innovation hub interested in the chain of youth capacity building in business and  innovative technologies to achieve employability/entrepreneurship particularly in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

What the name Means

“Olotu”, means “a champion” or “a leader of warriors” and the “Square” relating to where champions gather

(i.e local African relationship to a village square).


Olotu Square ultimately means a “Community of Champions” – we are a community of startups & technology developers with a common interest to build success stories for the next generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve the best Startup and Technology success stories in Africa.

Our Believes

  • We believe collaboration is the way to build the future.
  • We aim to create a future where there is equal opportunity to thrive, where ample resources are within reach to everyone no matter the location.
  • We believe in honesty, goodwill, equality, and truth.
  • We dream of a future where innovations reign supreme in every corner of Africa and everyone has access to different levels of support to birth dreams.

Meet Our Team

The guys crazy enough to make dreams come true.

Aima Atigari


Gooluck Allen

Lead, Graphics & Creativity

Chiemela Chinedum

Lead, Tech Developers

Stephen Oba

Lead, Business/Administration

Bruce Lucas

Founder, Community/Partnerships