Our Vision

To be the largest network of Business and Technology leaders

Our Mission

To create and support community leaders to build and sustain the economic viabilty of their region through Business and Technology


Graphics & Creativity Square: we conceptualize, design, and implement branding portfolio while encouraging all-round creativity approach


We know the word says hacking but we wear the white hats to secure website applications and server.


Developer Square: we build tech solutions to meet the everyday demand of our client to meet the everyday demands of our clients, and to support the startup and tech ecosystem of the country.


Startup Square: focuses on growing the Startup and Technology ecosystem of the nation. A community of Founders, Innovators, Investors and Thought Leaders willing to make a difference.

Program and Activities

This programme happens once a year. Aspiring and dedicated tech enthusiasts with interest in learning to code/design are given an opportunity. Through this programme they go through a well structured curriculum that builds them from Beginners to Pros under OlotuSquare training and mentorship.

Interested participants can apply for the Developer, Design or Hacker Fellowship programmes on our website when available.

Tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs are accepted to intern at OlotuSquare or join us as volunteers. This enables them receive first hand experiences required to start a career in business or technology.
An event organised and hosted annually by OlotuSquare to guide, research, present, train or enable networking between developers.
It's a food affair. This food festival is centered around the creating a networking event for tech users to meet tech builders while they hustle through different Nigeria local dishes. The event is always themed by the major meal of the day (e.g Bole, Peppersoup, Jollof Rice, etc.).