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Employment Support Program

 The Olotu Square Employment Support Program (ESP) is an initiative to engage unemployed youths through training and employment placements with the ultimate aim of reducing the rate of unemployment and social vices in the region.

We have spent years offering job referrals scantily, but we know we can do better to create jobs and offer skilled employees to employers that create jobs with the right amount of support.

At this time, this program caters for corporate jobs in ICT, as well as other professions such as Finance, Business Management, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Other Employment Placement or Referrals, etc.

So, we are able to gather a pool of unemployed youths (train them if need be) and match them with prospective employers. This creates a value system for all stakeholders, which consist of the youths, the employers and the community at large.

You too can contribute to create jobs or giving jobs to reduce unemployment.

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Employment Support Program

General Employment Placements

Join our Pool of Talents

To Join our Talent Pool, follow the link below to fill the online form. Depending on the demand, we take you through an assessment phase where we determine if you are qualified for the advertised positions or if you have to go through some form of training before you are matched with an employer.

Joining our Talent Pool automatically qualifies you for any development training organized under our employment support program.
Join the Pool

Are you an Employer?

Get the Right Talent for your Organisation. To enter our employers’ pool, make a request with the link below and we will reach out to you. We will then proceed to provide you with the individual(s) that possess the skills you require.

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Take advantage of our pool of skilled professionals to train your team, or work on your software, design & marketing project(s) anywhere you are in the world. We have taken our time to get the best, constantly update and test them to ensure that they give you the value you desire while we ensure they are meeting your expectations through our reporting and feedback system.

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Olotu Square Fellowship

The Fellowship program is a FREE training program that lasts for 9 months. It consists of  3 months of intensive training and 6 months internship where fellows get to work on a variety of projects to practicalize what they have learned.

After the internship, successful fellows are either outsourced to companies or retained to work on projects in the square and get paid while they build their portfolio.

This program is an Olotu Square brainchild and we seek partners for sponsorship to enable us to meet our obligations of training the less advantaged youths in the region giving them a chance to better their lives.

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