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The purpose of this training is to educate Web Users, Developers, Tech Enthusiast, IT Professionals/Managers and IT support personnel the nitty gritty of web-hacking to enable them to test the vulnerability of a website through hacking the website, take steps to safeguarding their website from hackers, make a living from website vulnerability testing.


The PARTICIPANT hereby agrees and undertakes that he will be of good behavior and will abide by all ethical standards and all provisions of law in operation in Nigeria and in any other country in relation to the use of the skills and tools acquired at the Hacking boot camp.

The PARTICIPANT further agrees and undertakes that he will not use the newly acquired skills for illegal or malicious attacks and he will not use such tools obtained in the course of the boot camp in an attempt to compromise any computer system.


The PARTICIPANT agrees and covenants with the FIRM to absolve and indemnify the FIRM with respect to the use or misuse of the tools and skills acquired, regardless of intent. 


This Agreement shall commence immediately the PARTICIPANT submits the form and shall continue indefinitely.


The PARTICIPANT shall not use or disclose to anyone any private or confidential information regarding the FIRM or any of its staff, agents, customers, clients, etc. Such private/confidential information shall include all non-public information the Participant acquired as a result of his or her participation at the boot camp or his/her relationship with the FIRM which might be of any value to a competitor or otherwise infringe on the privacy rights of the FIRM, or which might cause any economic loss or substantial embarrassment to the Company or its customers, Clients and suppliers if used or disclosed. Examples of such confidential information include, without limitation, non-public information about the FIRM’s customers, suppliers, distributors and potential acquisition targets; its business operations and structure; its product lines, formulas and pricing; its processes, machines and inventions; its research and know-how; its financial data; and its plans and strategies.