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An open volunteering project aimed to provide Persons living With Disabilities (PWDs) in the community with support to get a tech skill specifically towards employability/entrepreneurship in the comfort of their homes.

The reason

Let’s Change How We see disability

People don't choose to be physically challenged. But if someone and what can make their lives better is a skill that keeps them engaged, profitable for themselves and provides hope to them all, then we should join hands to make the world a better place by lending support.

Get Involved

We make the world a better place when we offer to help each other..

Would love to help share the word and attract donations/support? join our Whatsapp Group where we share resources and guide the campaign.

Join Us

Yes, you can donate to training, transportation, equipments, feeding or other kinds of support for these PWDs. and please share page to encourage others too.

Donate Now

Join the group of volunteers to train, mentor and coach the PWDs in the different courses. You can also remotely have office-hours to help them with clarity.

Join the Trainers

We would love you to make a decision to help in any way you can today...

You can call to ask how you can be of help .

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Heritage Bank

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