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Ideas are easy, Implementation is hard. Guy Kawasaki -Canva

Disclaimer! We are not responsible for how you interpret this post. Our intention is simple. Convey the message that the Hack Day event organized by Olotu Square is holding on the 30th of March. We are sorry for any image or text that you find offensive. It was never our intention.

One day you will wake up and you will suddenly realize that a lot of things about you has changed. Yes, because change is one of the constant things in life. That includes how you strategize, plan & implement your marketing campaigns for Events, Brands, and Products.

The first question here is what do you want to achieve from your marketing campaigns?

Do you want people to know about your Brand? (Brand Awareness) or are you interested in Conversions?

Common but important metrics;


In a nontechnical explanation, this metric measures how many times people actually get to see the content or ad you have put out. From here you can determine if people are seeing your content but not engaging with them or following through with your call to action etc. This should tell you what to optimize to make your content/ads do better. 


This measures how many people actually interact meaningfully with the content you have put out. (likes, comment, shares, etc) Good copy usually produces good engagement.

Every marketing campaign has a goal of first been seen. It is only when content is seen that it can be interacted with and then conversions can take place.

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It is one thing to build an amazing product, it is another thing to sell it – unknown

In today’s world, there is so much noise, and if you want to rise above the noise and all the distractions, you have to be creative. Creativity will distinguish you and make you stand out, the same thing with the value and content you give. Don’t just put content out there because you want to get noticed… the substance of the value and content you give is what gets you noticed. Imagine this; if everyone except one person raises up their hands to answer a question in a class who do you think will get noticed? Rather than designing to get noticed, design to start a conversation, the conversations will get you the desired attention which will cause engagement.

Engagement is key, and it requires a lot of thought… it requires you going through clutter, nuisances and disturbances (somewhere in the world, even the neighbors’ generator is a huge disturbance) using them to your advantage and creating something that is epic and unique, makes the human brain spin, causes butterflies in the tummy or make hearts skip beats. Bearing in mind that everything listed above is relative.


For you to be successful in content creation, you have to engage the human mind. For you to engage the human mind you have to be creative – Aima Atigari

Case Study 

Just imagine looking for a diamond in a heap of dirt! The human mind is filled with so much to process, what did you expect? You are dealing with the greatest computers of all times that handles billions of processes in milliseconds…

In all my time as a Digital Marketer in my first co-owned company, Rapt Creative, working as a Sales Rep in FCMB, selling fruit salads at Yakubu Gowon stadium in Port Harcourt, Founding Rawneys and now CEO of Olotu Square, Nothing has gotten my attention on social media in recent times as much as this got my attention. The reason is simple. My team and I created and executed the design.

The way we approach marketing is changing drastically and like all events, if you do not evolve, you will die (not literally).

I felt so alive watching reactions to a post on two Whatsapp group because the conversations came in real time, they were engaging, passionate and sincere. It was an expression of individual feelings about a simple question asked by an influential person in the Tech Community of 200 + People and one of our Administrative Officers in a Digital Marketing Community of 200+ people

The question  “What do you think when you this?”

Tech Community Whatsapp Conversation

Tech Community Whatsapp Conversation

Designing Controversies for Conversions - Penetration Testing

Whatsapp conversation

Digital Marketing Community Whatsapp conversation


A day before this. A post was put out about the same event by the same person in the Tech Community and it didn’t have one reference to it neither did it have a comment! maybe we should even check if it had views or how many views each of this content had… lol what’s more ironic is that at the time word got out with this first design (see below) seat reservation came in trickles. But as conversations sparked by the controversial design started, momentum changed and it seemed like we were in a land flowing with milk and honey with seats being reserved for the event. We had over a 100 seat reservations on the day.

First Design

This has become my classical case study to help Digital Marketers improve on their creative efforts in achieving success…

Study 1

Our Design posted in the Tech Community

Below are screenshots of the conversations sparked by our design, we moderated to protect the identity of participants.

Whatsapp conversation            


Study 2

Our Design posted in the Digital Marketing Community

Below are screenshots of the conversations sparked by our design, we moderated to protect the identity of participants.

Whatsapp conversation            



The design created a buzz no doubt but what caught our attention the most was the kind of conversations that both communities were engaged in.

Communication is a big deal, and everyone has their own explanation of what is being communicated.

I am sure you can join the conversation and share your views about this design, we will be glad to hear.

Hack day event organized by Olotu Square is just 1 day away and seat reservations will be closing soon. I’d like to see you there… We just might be hacking life challenges all the way. Register here 

If you got something meaningful from this post, please don’t forget to share so that others like you can benefit as well. Thanks for reading to the end.

This article was written by Aima Atigari the CEO of Olotu Square