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Bole in Tech

Which of the word is new to you? Is it the Bole itself or the Bole in Tech? So just in case you didn’t know,  Bole and Fish is one of Port-Harcourt’s special delicacy.

What is Bole?

Bole is simply roasted plantain.  You know how you set coals, in a metallic container, ignite it and then put gauze on top? I bet that you might have seen people do this, either to roast meat, fish or corn as the case may be. But this is entirely different. This is something else. You peel off the back of the plantain and then put it on that same setup, you keep fanning until its cooked.

The Bole and Fish Combo

Here’s the catch; In most of the cities in Nigeria, you have the roasted plantain but it is eaten with groundnut! Arrgh so dry! From this part, they take their time to prepare a nicely made sauce that leaves you sweating all over your head and before you realize, it leaves a memory that makes you associate Port-Harcourt with this phenomenal meal.

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You know what? there are some stories that are better experienced than told, but if you read a little bit further, our pictures of our yearly organized event “Food in Tech” with this year’s theme “Bole in Tech” will tell you more and make you relate with how this interesting meal brought people in the Tech Community together.


Find Picture excerpts from out Themed Event “Food in Tech 2017” here https://photos.app.goo.gl/5dTty1se1uNPs6Rq6