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About Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a technology company that builds apps for freelancers & small-businesses: Invoicing, quotations, proposals, time-tracking and project management.

Their development process is 100% Open Source, with over a 100 code base contributors from around the globe.

Free Pro Plans for Olotu Square Hub Members

In partnership with Invoice ninja, we are giving our coworking hub members their Pro Plans for FREE for a year. After your first year, you have the choice to stay Pro or move to their Forever Free plan, you will never be forced to upgrade.

The Free Pro Plan entitles you to:

  • Unlimited Clients & Invoices & Quotes
  • 10 Professional Invoice & Quotation Templates
  • Custom URL Option: “YourBrand”.InvoiceNinja.com
  • Custom URL option: “YourBrand”.Invoice.Services
  • Remove “Created by InvoiceNinja” from Invoices
  • Password Protected Client-Side Portal
  • Setup & Customize Payment Auto-Reminder Emails
  • Setup Multiple Custom Invoice Designs
  • Customs Invoice Emails & Subject Lines
  • Attach Invoice PDFs to Client Emails
  • Display Clients E-signature on Invoices
  • Enable Clients to ‘Approve Terms’ Checkbox
  • Create Reports & Client Statements & Charts
  • Create “Buy Now” Buttons that Redirect to Invoices
  • Embed Invoices as iFrames on Your Own Site
  • Bulk Emailing of Invoices & Quotes

Seize this opportunity by being a registered Olotu Square member and get access to Invoice Ninja Free Pro Plan