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Employment Support Program Launch

In line with who we are and our objectives of youth capacity building in business and innovative technologies to achieve employability/entrepreneurship particularly in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. We have officially launched an employment support program that will cater to the needs of outsourcing, employment requests, and employment partnerships made to our organization.

 The Olotu Square Employment Support Program (ESP) is an initiative to engage unemployed youths through training and employment placements with the ultimate aim of reducing the rate of unemployment and social vices in the region. 

Currently, the program is of two categories;

  1. Outsourcing – We outsource ICT skills to companies and individuals for the duration of their projects based on request. This is specifically for software developers, designers, IT project managers and digital marketers. Organizations interested in outsourcing can hire a skill here.
  2. Direct Employment – Partner Organizations and Employers interested in staffing their firm can request for the talents they require from our pool of talents e.g accountants, customer care representatives, etc. Employers interested in recruiting talents for contract and permanent jobs can make a request here.

With the employment support program launch, we are reaching out to persons with skills that are needed, to join the pool of talents. Some of the benefits of joining the pool includes;

  1. You are the first to get tailored information on opportunities that fit your skills and criteria for engagement.
  2. From time to time, you will be called to participate in our training and capacity building/development programs that make you attractive enough to get your dream job or work on your dream projects.
  3. Increased opportunity of getting a job placement through our network

For more information about our Employment Support Program – See here

If you have any questions or feel the need to reach out to us, you can do so through our email on [email protected] Terms and Conditions Apply.