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Simple Explanation of SSL

So we were just chilling and having random conversations about everything while making preparations for the Hack Day event that is billed to hold on the 30th of March when someone in our Admin team said “but there’s SSL! a website isn’t supposed to be hacked when it has SSL” coincidentally the facilitator of the Hack Day event Lucas Bruce was part of the conversation and he paused for a minute and said “having an SSL on your website doesn’t guarantee protection against Hackers.”

So what then is SSL and of what use is it if you can still be hacked?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. Having it on your website means that communication between your computer and other computers/servers is secure. So when information such as name, credit card information is typed on your computer and is sent through the internet, SSL encrypts the information which makes it useless to anyone who is intercepting the communication. So let me put this into better perspective for you to understand.

Let’s say you have an asset being protected in a safe house (pretty sure you’ve seen movies like that.) There’s a likelihood that the bad guys can pinpoint your location and launch an attack right? Yeah! Exactly what a hacker can do!

So supposing you are to move the asset from safe house A to safe house B you would need to move in a secure vehicle, bodyguards network scramblers etc… Now all protective services that ensures that when the asset leaves safe house A it gets to its destination is exactly the same role SSL plays on your website.

We will be having a Hack Day Event on the 30th of March. To participate and get more insight on cyber security you will need to register. See more details here. http://bit.ly/olotusquarehack

We will be glad to enlighten you more, free of charge!